ODC Theater Presents

Awarded the 2012 Poster Design Competition

Awarded the opportunity to design a series of 6 posters and all supporting media - from postcard to kiosk - for the 2012 Season of ODC Theater Presents.

Luella Foods

package design, logo

Developed logo for the restaurant's frozen food brand.

Developed label for the restaurant's La Venganza brand

Custom template system for in house printing and frequent changes

Refined established logo for better representation in print


Coding, backend, custom php

Developed css, and php code to deploy a centrally located site which would act as a launching point for all of the social media and various services for this talented and successful writer/illustrator.

Treehouse Muzique

independent record label

Developed brand identiy, logo, including letterhead, business cards, and package design.

Created templates for 12" singles, CD packages, Press Releases, digital releases, in order to establish client autonomy.

Developed content management back end, and a unique front end for an autonomous, hands off, web site.

Developed a digital store for online sales and support of music, and 3rd party content transactions.

Consulted with Facebook, and other social networking applications in order to link the client's site with popular web desitnations, and draw traffic to the site, and store.

Developed and lead classes in how to use the software in order to further empower the client to make complete use of the tools provided.



Jennifer Morla

Morla Design

Project managed portfolio site from start to finish.

Sub contracted complex flash action scripting construction from concept to installation.

Coded 2D site design into php, css, and html site and then ported it into a content management architecture to exacting specifications.

Provided training for client on how to use the software, and take advange of the site for future additions.

Sunshine Jones

Ongoing project to develop artist idenity.

Developed complex back end, and elegant front end content management system to categorize client's peronal journal, fiction, essays, and professional announcements.

Designed a sophisticated post image system enabling the client to include graphics for each post.

Built and managed a micro site for a community fundraising project from start to finish.

Advised and trained the client to use the software, and better link content into social networking platforms to drive traffic to the web site.

Dubtribe Sound System

In House Designer

Logo design, letterhead, poster art, album, 12" single, and CD covers, packaging, print advertising, t-shirt and merchandise design.

Imperial DUB Recordings

In House Designer

Logo design, letterhead, poster art, album, 12" single, and CD covers, packaging, print advertising, t-shirt and merchandise design.

Software Development

Work for hire

Icon and GUI development for popular software and web applications.

Graphics and Typography for Power Point and Keynote presentations

Open Source - Contributed openly in the early development and support of WordPress, BBPress.
Developed the first theme system for BBPress

Posters and Flyers - Regular work as a poster and flyer artist for hundreds of events world wide.

IT - host and in house designer for more than 20 personal journals and web sites.

Books - cover and typographic design

Sunday Soul

a weekly digital transmission

Developed a unique front end to work within the popular WordPress application back end.

Created flash players for mp3 archives.

Created flash program archive template system for weekly archives, and an expanded archive.

Wrote and installed a simple mailing list so that client can send out weekly html emails to an opt in mailing list.

Created a flyer template for the program's changing weekly themes, and developed a promo package to make the announcements simple, and elegant every time.

04 Fernando_Graphicos

Robert Cameron BFA, BA
Project Management, Consulting, Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, PHP


Flyers and Posters

Public Works: A letter to ODC 2012

Items of interest


Love Portfolio 12
temporary art installation 12

The Human Immuno Transversarium A Pied Deficiency Syndrome pdf
soon to be a minor motion picture

Kirk Wilder's Clock Radio color scheme

Photography & Visual Aids

Essay and Op Ed Writing