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ODC Poster Artist Concept Proposal

A letter to ODC

Dear ODC,
My name is R. Wellington Cameron. I'm a BFA in Graphic Design from C.C.A.(C.) as well as a BA in literature from SF State. As a native San Franciscan, I'm well aware of ODC and your wonderful presence in SF. As a contributor to the arts community myself, I have always smiled when I see your new seasons announced, and been thrilled by your performances.

As a designer, my personal work is based in a head on collision between the distant past and the distant future. Using collage, photography, color, clear and simple typography and large format printing, I not only reach the eyes and the hearts of people on the street, but I also express something which is deeply missing from modern advertising. Bright colors and bold images draw in the eye, but the feeling of connection and deeply personal relationship is what makes my work something to carefully take down, and bring home.

It is this unique fine arts-design character that I plan to bring to ODC's forthcoming season. Each performance will be studied, researched, photographed, and transformed into an assemblage of images both fresh and unique, as well as classic and immediately known. I will use my trademark bold colors and large and simple type to graphically captivate anyone in sight.

Like dance itself, the meaning is in both the hearts and minds of the audience, as well as within the movement, and the metier of the dancer. These collaborate together in spite of ourselves to create something which is more than the sum of its parts. It is this magic I will use to screen and print the beautiful posters that no one will ever forget.

I've been a poster designer since I was 11 years old. It is a passion of mine. Yet I have never submitted my work for any other competition or review. This is my debut. Because of my love for dance, my community, and intention to cover the world with the most beautiful and provocative images possible, I could not resist this opportunity to present myself to you. Whatever you decide, I want to thank you not only for the opportunity, but also for all that you do, and all that you bring to San Francisco.

with love and devotion,
R. W. Cameron

Flyers, Posters & Public Works

A brief history of my experience as a poster designer

The flyer is fine art. Growing up in the shadow of the baby boomers, I spent my youth hand drawing 8.5 x 11 posters for punk rock shows in San Francisco. At $25 a flyer, I would spend hours in Dirk Dirkson's office at the Mabuhay Gardens, and on the floor of record stores drawing, and cutting out images from magazines and news papers to assmble flyers which would be photocopied and stapled up to telephone poles all over the San Francisco bay area. I loved that this art was temporary, to be covered by other flyers, removed, burned away, torn down, and often cited by the police as illegal and littering.

In the anti-tradition of the elaborate posters of the Fillmore Ballroom from the late 1960's and into the 70's, my poster art began as disposable, inelegant, and the tradition of "if you don't know, don't go." The poster is something to get excited about, something to gently take down from the pole, bring home, and add to your bedroom wall. A reminder that you are not alone.

There is nothing about a poster or a flyer which actually makes or breaks an event. It is simple advertising, little more than the littering the police consider it, but when you connect with a poster, it becomes information in your head - knowledge. Where the inter-web, with all her unwanted emails, and ever present advertising, it is easy to overlook even the most annoying of moving graphics. They are annoying because we don't want to see them, and often make the choice not to even open an email with a dubious subject. Modern propaganda asks us to define ourselves more specifically, and thus the marketing we receive is better taylored to what we like, the events we attend, and information we - presumably - want to see. This method works on the subconscious, and it taxing and illegitemate. When confronted by a simple spash of red typography on a basic black and white flyer on a telephone pole, the imagination is fired, you have our strict attention. Style over content is the rule, as if to acknowledge the passerby with a sweet wink, and a kind of innocence that no other form of media can produce.

In the digital age, the hand out flyer, the windshielf wiper applique is dead. Twenty years ago people were lined up out in front of night clubs waiting to be handed flyers to underground events. Today, these are fodder for the recycling bin, or destined for the sidewalk. No one wants to be handed anything, or taxed any further than they already are. The leaflet hangers are no less than the homeless -- asking for a dollar. No thank you. Philisophically speaking, the flyer today must be either fine art, something beautiful to be hung on your office wall behind you, or it must be something which whispers to you somehow, drawing you into the content.

Sunday Soul

Weekly Poster - Print and Web

For the last 7 years I have personally waged war on the art of the slick, the glossy, the wasteful, and the profane. Every week the event Sunday Soul produces a new flyer and poster based on a theme. The themes range from latin, or arabic phrases, to simple words. My job has been to reflect this theme in a poster, to communicate the message of each week's theme at a glance.

04 Fernando_Graphicos

R. Wellington Cameron BFA, BA
Project Management, Design, Photography, HTML, CSS, PHP
337 Webster Street #3 San Francisco, CA 94117
415 359-7392
fernando (at) fernando-graphicos (dot) com


Sunshine Jones: designer, web developer

Treehouse Muzique: designer, web developer

Sunday Soul: designer, web developer

King Street Sounds: designer

Jennifer Morla: web developer for Morla Design

Sonia Harris: freelance web developer for Soyabean Design

Defected Records: designer

Jive Records - NYC: designer

BMG - UK/Canada: designer

MCA-Universal: designer

Dubtribe Sound System: designer, web developer

Imperial DUB Recordings: designer, web developer

Ruthie's Inn: freelance poster designer

Mabuhay Gardens/On Broadway: freelance poster artist for DMP


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